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The Economic Impact of Bavarian Business and Industry in the USA

The study shows how much value added and employment Bavarian businesses create in the USA by local production sites

Gross value added

Bavarian businesses create in the USA a gross vlaue added of 85 billion euros. This is a share of 0.49 percent of the overall US-value added. The direct gross value added of Bavarian companies in the USA amounted to 26 billion euros. The indirect and induced effects contribute another 59 billion euros.This means that every euro of direct value added that is generated by Bavarian companies in the USA triggers an additional value added of another 2.28 euros in the US economy through multiplier effects.


166,600 persons are emloyed in the Bavarian companies in the USA. There are another 410,000 jobs created by the indirect and induced effects. That means that every job at Bavarian companies in the USA is connected with 2.47 additional jobs in the American economy. Consequently the overall employment effect of Bavarian businesses in the USA is about 576,000 jobs or about 0.38 percent of employed persons in the USA.


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