vbw - Your Partner in Business

The Bavarian industry association vbw and its member associations all have the same goal – the strengthening of its members’ competitive advantage.

As the “Voice of Business” in the State of Bavaria, we bring together the knowledge and experience of the entire Bavarian economy in articulating our members’ interests both in politics and in society at large.

The vbw – A Strong Community

The Bavarian industry association represents more than 100 Bavarian economic and employers’ associations, including 30 companies from the manufacturing and skilled crafts industries; from construction, transportation, retail and whole sale; banking and financial services such as insurance; forestry, farming industry, hotel and food services, gastronomic and independent contractors.

Together, we represent companies employing more than three million people in the State of Bavaria.

We Specialise in the Following Issues:

  • Social-security policy: Labor and employment; Health care; Retirement and supplemental benefits; Societal issues.
  • Economic policy: small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs); Tax; Finance; Competition; Environment; Transportation; Energy; Technology; European issues; International economic affairs.
  • Legal: Law and policy; Labour and employment law, Corporate law; Social security law, European Union law.
  • Education policy: pre- school; primary education, secondary education, post secondary education, continuing education, vocational training.

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Christine Völzow

Büroleiterin des Präsidenten und des Hauptgeschäftsführers

+49 (0)89-551 78-106
Christine Völzow

Dagmar Cassan

U. S. Liason Office

+1 (0)212-969-9015
Dagmar Cassan
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