August 02, 2018

Economic Impact of Bavarian Business in the USA

The study shows how much value Bavarian businesses add to the American economy and the number of jobs they create in the United States of America through local production facilities or by importing American products.

Direct investments

Bavarian businesses add approximately 67 billion euros of value to the US economy annually. This is a share of 0.51 percent of the overall US economy. The effect is even greater when you add the number of jobs Bavarian companies create in the United States. More than 186,000 people are directly employed by Bavarian companies in the USA. Additional 341,800 jobs are indirectly attributed to Bavarian companies and their activities in the United States.

Export to Bavaria

The importation of American made goods also add value and create jobs in the United States. In 2016 the United States’ export to Bavaria added 10.9 billion euros of value to the American economy. A total of about 96,800 jobs in the USA depend directly, indirectly, or through induced effects on trade with the Free State of Bavaria.

Protectionism harms everyone

The study shows that Bavaria is a significant business partner for the United States. Bavarian companies provide added value to, and create jobs in the USA. Trade restrictions ultimately harm everyone. There are no winners in trades wars. The USA would also lose more than it would gain. It is in the interest of both sides to ensure the stability and continuity of transatlantic business relations.


Volker Leinweber

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Volker Leinweber