November 28, 2017

vbw expectations of the new German Federal Government

The German citizens cast their votes - now it is up to the parties CDU/ CSU (conservatives), FDP (liberals) and Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen (greens) to form a coalition. Core of their exploratory discussions must be the question on how to secure sustainable economic growth and employment in Germany so as to maintain social cohesion.

Therefore, vbw postulates

  • Necessary and attractive conditions for digital transformation, including a modern labor law

  • A consistent and balanced energy, environmental and climate policy that respects the foundation of our business location and commits to preserving the foundations of today's industrial strength

  • A performance-related tax law that relieves the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises and dispenses with tax on non-income values

  • New incentives for investments, innovations and start-ups

  • A moderate social security reform that prepares well-proven systems for future challenges

  • The renunciation of new cost drivers for the factor labor and especially of new unnecessary bureaucracy

New relationship of trust

Furthermore, it is fundamentally important to lay the foundations for a new relationship of trust in the triangle of citizens - state - economy: There must be more legitimate trust in self-responsibility and voluntary responsible action in our society instead of state tutelage. State action on its part must be characterized by a sense of proportion and reliability.


Christine Völzow

Büroleiterin des Präsidenten und des Hauptgeschäftsführers

Christine Völzow