13. April 2016

Visit by the delegation of the French Business Confederation MEDEF

In March, a delegation of around forty company directors from France, headed by Pierre Gattaz, President of the French business confederation MEDEF, came to Munich and Berlin for two days to talk about, share and exchange information on digitalization, innovation, training and German experience in these fields. After visiting Siemens, BMW, ATOS, MEA and MT Aerospace, the delegation met with representatives of the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw). The delegation and the vbw representatives discussed current economic challenges and political upheavals. All attendees agreed on the importance of a successful French-German cooperation for managing the challenges Europe is facing at current.

High-tech and innovation – the motors driving growth

In his opening address at a joint dinner hosted by the vbw, vbw Chief Executive Officer Bertram Brossardt underscored the importance of innovation in the Bavarian industry. Two thirds of industrial sales revenues are generated in high-tech sectors, by successful global players as well as innovative SMEs. Three percent of Bavaria’s gross domestic product goes into research and development and three out of every ten German patent applications come from Bavaria. The vbw Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy is dedicated to developing the digital agenda in Bavaria further, in order to make the most of the state’s innovative profile.


Dagmar von Bohnstein

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