November 15, 2016

US-Election – What comes next?

vbw CEO Bertram Brossardt on the outcome of the election: "After a very emotional US election campaign, the vbw is counting on American pragmatism and thus on the continuation of the strong transatlantic partnership between the US and Europe, Germany and Bavaria.

Based on our common democratic values, the US and Europe need to close ranks with regard to politics and economics. We need to commit to open world trade and against protectionism. We trust that the new US administration will quickly announce details on the future foreign and free trade policy.”

USA and Bavaria – a vital partnership

Around 4,000 German subsidiaries in the USA employ more than 750,000 Americans. At the same time, more than 600 American companies are active in the Munich area alone. Moreover, the USA is Germany's and – as Brossardt emphasized – Bavaria’s most important export market. In 2015, Bavarian companies supplied goods amounting to almost 23 billion euros to the USA; this makes 13 percent of all Bavarian exports.

12 Fakten zu TTIP (in German)


Cynthia Foly

Außenwirtschaft, Sicherheit

Cynthia Foly