14. April 2016

Training and Continued Education ServiceCenter

The bayme vbm Training and Continued Education ServiceCenter supports training managers in our member companies with practice-oriented, needs-based workshops, modular training series and in-house trainings. We also provide an aptitude test for more than 60 skilled professions and two dual-degree programs in the metal and electrical sector.

To register for the test, please follow the link and click on “ Zur Registrierung ”. The test is available in German and English.

The ServiceCenter assists with:

  • Attracting young talents
  • Facilitating vocational training
  • Structuring vocational training in a systematic manner
  • Ensuring quality of training
  • Organizing continued education
  • Ensuring quality of continued education
  • Structuring specific continued education opportunities

Further information including the German-language material on the ServiceCentre website can be accessed here

The bayme vbm ServiceCenters

Through our ServiceCenters, we at bayme vbm provide our members with support that is result-oriented and tailored to their requirements. Our focus is on entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We offer our own know-how, connections to our partners and networks, and access to our projects and initiatives. In upcoming issues we will introduce you to further bayme vbm ServiceCenters, our points of contact supporting you in word and deed.


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