16. February 2016

The vbw Integration durch Ausbildung und Arbeit (IdA)-projects: integrating refugees through vocational training and employment

In 2015, more than one million refugees entered Germany, most of them from Syria or Iraq. In order to integrate this large number of people into society successfully, it is particularly important for them to gain employment. A particular onus lies on the business community to provide paths into the labor market or into vocational training.

In order to support Bavarian companies in their efforts to integrate refugees through vocational training and employment, the vbw and bayme vbm inaugurated the program IdA –Integration durch Ausbildung und Arbeit in autumn 2015 in cooperation with the Bavarian Government and the Bavarian employment agency.

The IdA program entails a variety of projects that focus on three key components: career guidance, vocational training and integration into the labor market. Language training is fundamentally important and therefore an essential element of the whole program. Without being able to speak German, the chances for integration are slim.

Projects for employers

There are three projects that support companies by testing the skills of refugees – IdA KoJack English, the M+E Berufseignungstest English and the IdA KompetenzCheck. Companies can also use the website IdA Sprungbrett to make training announcements especially for refugees. The website will be online in March 2016. For employees in companies that work or want to work with refugees, the vbw offers the program IdA Ausbilderqualifikation. The program educates and qualifies those who train refugees in the workplace about how to deal with people who have had to flee from their home countries. Furthermore, companies can get in touch with seven so called IdA Navigatoren. These experts give advice in all questions concerning the employment of asylum seekers.

Projects for asylum seekers

In the first half of 2016, the vbw will launch two new comprehensive training courses for asylum seekers who are looking for employment or vocational training - IdA BayernTurbo and IdA 1.000. Both projects start with a crash language course followed by a coaching course on how to gain employment in a German company. Practical training is an essential part of this course. The course duration is a maximum of eight months.

For further information on the IdA program please see www.vbw-bayern.de/fluechtlingsintegration .


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