18. January 2016

The vbw Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy - The vbw study Bavaria’s future technologies

New technologies can be the answer to many big questions, if the necessary framework conditions are in place. The vbw study Bavaria’s future technologies (Bayerns Zukunftstechnologien) analyzes the foundations of the success story of the Bavarian economy and points out key technologies that will be relevant for Bavaria in the coming years.

The study informs the work of the Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy. The Council was established by The Bavarian Industry Association (vbw - Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.) in 2014 with the aim of informing businesses about technologically-driven changes.

The study: Analysis of the status quo

Bavaria ranks highly among other leading national and international technology powers. Apart from its high-performing research infrastructure, Bavaria ’s success is owed to the technological leadership of many of its companies. Bavaria’s most important industry sectors are automotive and engineering. However, this specialization also holds the risk, that an economic downturn in these sectors could affect many others.

Key technologies

The study identifies ten key technologies that will affect the Bavarian economy and research within the next five to ten years. Information- and communication technologies as well as material sciences and biotechnology will influence developments in the other key technologies, namely production technologies, intelligent traffic and transportation systems, energy technologies, medical engineering, nanotechnology, aeronautics and astronautics, as well as food technologies.


Despite the success, the study also highlights and analyzes challenging transformations such as demographic change, questions around the supply of energy and resources, global climate change, as well as globalization in general. The Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy seeks to alert businesses to the correlation of these trends with technological advances and to set them up to work around these challenges for a successful future.

In upcoming issues of the newsletter we will outline the Council’s recommendations for action and introduce some of the innovative technological applications developed in Bavaria and showcased through the Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy.

For more information on the vbw Council for the Future of the Bavarian Economy please visit the website www.vbw-zukunftsrat.de (in German language).