August 23, 2016

The bayme vbm ServiceCenter International Affairs

Through our ServiceCenters, our organisations at bayme vbm provide our members with result-oriented support tailored to their requirements. Our aim is to foster our members’ competitiveness, focussing on their entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We offer our know-how, our network to our partners, and access to our projects and initiatives.

ServiceCenter International Affairs

Products and services from Bavaria are in high demand on global markets. Every second Bavarian company is internationally active.

Therefore, our organisations at bayme vbm support our members in accessing new markets and attracting new customers from all over the world.

Our ServiceCenter International Affairs combines our services and expertise in labor and social security insurance law to assist our members in their international activities.

We provide an efficient international network as well as access to many countries thanks to our liaison offices in New York and Brussels and our close cooperation with political delegations and international sister associations, particularly in the EU.

Our fields of activity include:

  • Foreign assignments
  • Employment of foreign staff
  • Opening markets and helping exports
  • International labor law

For more information on our ServiceCenter International Affairs please see the following link.