February 15, 2017

The bayme vbm ServiceCenter Financing

Sufficient financial capital and liquidity are key for sound business success. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to be up-to-date on capital risks. To this end, we recommend not only to rely on information provided by your bank but also to consult additional reliable sources of information.

Independent support

With the ServiceCenter “Financing”, bayme vbm provides its members with current information on all relevant topics concerning financing. We also support you by introducing you to different kinds of funding sources – equity as well as borrowed capital. We continuously monitor the current developments in the financial markets and, in addition, we consult several surveys of financing and credit institutions to analyze potential problems and funding challenges. We are also happy to support you in keeping up a sustainable and ongoing dialogue with your banks and financiers.

Comprehensive services

Furthermore, we keep track of the latest information on funding programs of the German development banks like the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the LfA Förderbank Bayern (LfA). Their funding programs target special areas such as research and development, digitization or energy efficiency.

Moreover, we support you by providing information on all capital related business developments:

  • national activities, such as pre-financing business deals or the sale of receivables,

  • international activities, such as hedging of receivables and currency risks,

  • special financial cases, such as support in the event of a banking crisis or the funding of a start-up.

For more information on our ServiceCenter Financing please refer to the following link (in German only).


Volker M. Schilling

Mittelstand, Unternehmensfinanzierung, Digitalisierung

Volker M. Schilling