September 15, 2016

The bayme vbm ServiceCenter Energy and Raw Materials

The bayme vbm ServiceCenters

Through our ServiceCenters, our organizations at bayme vbm provide our members with result-oriented support tailored to their requirements. Our aim is to foster our members’ competitiveness, focussing on their entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We offer our know-how, our network to our partners, and provide access to our projects and initiatives.

ServiceCenter Energy and Raw Materials

The Bavarian metalworking and electrical industries rely on reliable and assured supplies of energy and raw materials in order to generate value and expand their business. However, companies face increased challenges to secure affordable supplies.

In Germany, for example, the state-mandated energy transition in energy supply channels has increased industrial energy prices. Value chains are changing, but new opportunities are emerging. Energy efficiency, low consumption and alternative energy sources are gaining importance.

The rising global demand for raw materials and the increasing concentration on the supply side have led to extreme price fluctuations. Companies need to source their raw materials at a reasonable cost, increase the efficiency of their raw material usage or include alternative materials in their value chains.

We assist our members with all these challenges – from procurement to research and development as well as access to funding.

Our fields of activity include:

  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Energy efficiency
  • Innovations and market opportunities
  • Funding

For more information on our ServiceCentersEnergy and Raw Materials please see the following link (in German only).

In upcoming issues of this newsletter, we will introduce you to further bayme vbm ServiceCenters – our points of contact for supporting our members.


Stefan Zeil

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Stefan Zeil