15. June 2016

The bayme vbm Innovation ServiceCenter

The bayme vbm ServiceCenters

Through our ServiceCenters, we at bayme vbm provide our members with support that is result-oriented and tailored to their requirements. Our aim is to foster our members’ competitiveness. Our focus is on their entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We offer our know-how, connections to our partners and networks, and access to our projects and initiatives.

ServiceCenter Research and Technology

Innovation is a key driver of economic progress. We at bayme vbm are committed to further develop a leading-edge R+D research infrastructure in Bavaria, facilitating the transfer of knowledge between science and business.

By building bridges from research to application and by offering access to the latest research, we help to advance innovation of our small and medium-sized member companies in particular.

We have continuously expanded our services in this area. Through our ServiceCenter Research and Technology, we will support you in obtaining patents and licences and we will assist you in cooperating with universities, institutes and research facilities.

Fields of activity:

  • Services and Collaborations
  • Patents
  • R&D
  • Financing

ServiceCenter Information Technology

The efficient use of IT is one of the main challenges faced by the M+E industry. Through our future-oriented M+E conferences and workshops, we will help our members to gain competitive advantages. At the same time, you will benefit from sharing information with IT providers and IT users.

Our ServiceCenter Information Technology offers high-tech, innovation and practical solutions for businesses. Its key areas include IT compliance and security as well as IT staff as a competitive factor. In cooperation with external partners, we organize national conventions and expand our network of experts: Business Excellence Days, participation at the IT security exhibition it-sa or our Business Partnering Convention.

For member-companies within the IT industry, we offer special services aligned with the requirements of their field.

Fields of activity:

  • Cost and Process Optimization
  • IT Compliance and Security
  • IT + Energy
  • Mobile Business
  • Digitalization

For more information on our Innovation ServiceCenter, please see the following link (in German only).

In upcoming issues, we will introduce you to further bayme vbm ServiceCenters – our points of contact supporting our members.


Dagmar Cassan