March 29, 2017

Terrorism and cyber-attacks – do we need a security policy 4.0?

Terrorism and cyber-attacks – do we need a security policy 4.0?

On the occasion of the Munich Security Conference, vbw and BDI (The Voice of German Industry) invited about 200 representatives from trade, industry as well as government officials to discuss current security challenges for companies in Germany. In the light of recent terrorism and cyber-attacks, the participants debated on whether we need a security policy 4.0.

New threats affect all of us

The international security environment is more volatile today than at any point since World War II. The risks for our society as well as our companies have changed. Today’s threats range from wars and conflicts, to terrorism and natural disasters, cyber-attacks and industrial espionage. Those threats are no longer remote and hypothetical. Even if they take place far away on a different continent they still have an immediate impact on our companies in Bavaria and Germany. Interstate conflicts, organized crime and cyber-attacks endanger the infrastructure and transportation routes of the global supply chain and thereby affect companies worldwide.

Alfred Gaffal: "Yes, we do need a security policy 4.0”

During the vbw congress, President Alfred Gaffal stressed the fact that free movement of goods and unimpeded access to procurement and markets are prerequisites for the success of our companies and therefore, the prosperity of Bavaria. In order to protect our economy, we need a realignment of the existing security architecture – this includes the whole spectrum of relevant systems such as biotechnology, robotics, and artificial intelligence as well as innovative global positioning systems. In order to be prepared for the new challenges to come, Bavaria, Germany, Europe and their global partners must join forces.


Cynthia Foly

Außenwirtschaft, Sicherheit

Cynthia Foly