15. April 2016

Taking stock of Germany’s competitiveness – the Agenda 2020

The Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) is dedicated to supporting and strengthening the competitiveness of our Bavarian businesses. In September 2013, we therefore drew up our Agenda 2020. The Agenda outlines which political decisions need to be taken in the coming years to maintain and further strengthen the Bavarian and German economies.

We singled out five key areas of our economy and outlined the actions needed for boosting employment and prosperity. The five areas are: infrastructure, labor and social policies, taxes, education and innovation.

Every year, we review the implementation of our suggestions in our “Agenda 2020 Check”. In March 2016, almost two and a half years after the last elections in Bavaria and Germany in the autumn of 2013, we took stock of the progress so far.

Positive developments are shown in the increased funding for infrastructure, for instance for the expansion of the broadband network. We also see progress in the funding policy for innovations. The vbw Council for the Future of the Bavarian Industry is doing its part by providing policymakers with recommendations for adapting to a technologized and digitalized future. The government is taking steps in the right direction.

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. The integration of a large influx of refugees and asylum seekers has emerged as a new challenge. Therefore, we have added this to our Agenda 2020 as a sixth key area and developed recommendations for dealing with this pressing issue. Additionally, we see a need for action with regards to cutting red tape in the labor market as well as simplifying the tax system, among others.

To achieve optimal results in all areas of our AgendaCheck in 2020, we need to set the right course today, in order to retain and further develop our competitiveness in 2020 and beyond.

For a detailed overview of the vbw’s recommendations for setting this course as well as our “Agenda 2020 Check”, click here (in German).


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