December 17, 2018

Successful integration of refugees in Bavaria

Around 192,000 asylum-seekers have arrived in Bavaria since 2015. Just the integration of those who are most likely to attain legal status is an ongoing task for the whole society. To help in these efforts, the vbw, in collaboration with the Bavarian State Government, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Regional Director for Bavaria from the German Federal Employment Agency, signed an agreement in 2015 focused on integration through vocational training and employment. To date we have more than exceeded the goals set out in the agreement. By September 2018, some 76,000 refugees in Bavaria have gained employment, around 10,000 were in vocational training programs and more than 74,000 were performing internships.

Bavaria can be very proud of the success of these efforts. Integration has become part of daily life.

The vbw alone has committed more than 8 million euros to integration efforts to date. Measures include language training, job consulting, vocational training and career counseling, making the transition to the job market and securing employment. We support a variety of associations and businesses throughout Bavaria with our projects. In the just concluded projects, we were able to provide employment referrals to more than 2,400 refugees; a rate of about 50%. At the heart of these efforts were our IdA navigators who acted as on-site points of contacts in each region and provided support in areas such as identifying suitable trainees, providing support, offering integration tools and coordinating efforts between employment agencies and immigration authorities.

Thanks to the IdA projects, we have gained extensive experience when it comes to integration. vbw will continue to tap the skills and potential of the refugees and help businesses in their efforts to integrate them through vocational training and gainful employment.


Simona Muß

Integration von Geflüchteten, Projekte

Simona Muß