18. July 2016

Showcasing the Bavarian economy in Brussels

The single market of the European Union (EU) is a key factor for Bavaria’s economic success and strong labor market. In 2015, Bavaria sent 55 percent of its exports to other EU countries. Among Bavaria’s ten most important export markets, seven are EU members.

To show the strength of the Bavarian economy and underline its close links with EU, the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) organized its fourth Bavarian Business Day in Brussels on June 27 and 28, 2016.

The event, jointly organized with the Bavarian state government, gave companies from Bavaria the opportunity to showcase their products and services to their European audience.

In addition to the exhibition on the premises of the Bavarian Representation to the European Union, the Bavarian Business Day was accompanied by intense discussions between the representatives of the vbw and experts across many EU institutions.

Limiting the damage from Brexit

Five days after the UK’s vote to leave the EU, the participants agreed that the Union is experiencing the biggest challenge in its history. The British exit (“Brexit”) is only the latest setback for the EU after the financial crisis in the Euro zone and the migrant crisis.

The vbw’s President Alfred Gaffal underlined the EU’s important role in securing peace and prosperity in Europe. Speaking alongside the Bavarian Minister for European Affairs Dr. Beate Merk, he emphasized that Bavaria will do everything in its power to support the EU in these difficult days. However, Gaffal also stressed the importance of drawing the right lessons from Brexit.

In order to win back the trust of all Europeans, Gaffal said, the EU must focus on the areas where it can add the most value. This includes finishing the digital single market, establishing an energy union and striking new trade agreements. He concluded that boosting growth and competitiveness needs to be at the heart of all EU decision-making.


Dagmar von Bohnstein

vbw Gremienbetreuung, Bundes- und Europaangelegenheiten

Dagmar von Bohnstein