11. March 2016

Bavaria as industry location: an international comparison - Knowledge

A study conducted by IW Consult GmbH on behalf of The Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) compared the quality of 45 countries in terms of what they have to offer as a location for industrial businesses. Bavaria came in an overall second place. The USA reached seventh place. The study identified six aspects that inform the investment decisions of industrial businesses: state, infrastructure, knowledge, resources, costs, market.

Bavaria in third place with regards to knowledge

In the category “knowledge” Bavaria came in third place, right behind Switzerland and Sweden. The USA ranked in place 15 in this category. The category assesses the level of education of the population, the productivity of a country as well as the research and development (R+D) expenditure of the manufacturing industries. The cooperation between employees and employers is also taken into account.

Bavaria stood out particularly for its innovation environment. This aspect gives industrial companies in Bavaria their competitive advantage compared to other high-tech locations. Other strengths are the states’ human capital and labor relations. A higher productivity and more intensive patent and R+D-activity put Bavaria in the lead in front of Germany, which came in sixth place in the knowledge category.

In upcoming issues we will provide details about Bavaria’s standing in further sub-categories. To read the complete study please follow the link.


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