August 23, 2016

Promoting the social engagement of Bavarian companies

Companies in Bavaria have fulfilled their self-imposed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties long before the term became fashionable. They have always lived up to their social and ethical responsibilities as good corporate citizens, employers and neighbours, for instance by:

  • promoting the compatibility of family and work,
  • producing in a socially and ecologically responsible way,
  • supporting activities in their local communities and
  • fostering cultural diversity and tolerance within the enterprise.

Highlighting the social commitment of Bavarian companies

To highlight the social commitment of companies from Bavaria, in 2011 the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) created the internet platform Wirtschaft weiß-blau.

In July 2016, the website was relaunched with a new responsive design. An interactive map shows where and how Bavarian companies invest time and effort in order to make a difference for their employees, their communities and the environment.

The platform now counts testimonials of more than 2,500 companies from all over Bavaria – small and medium enterprises as well as global corporations, who all go far beyond all legal requirements.

No need for further regulation

Every day, these companies take their social responsibilities seriously – voluntarily and without the need for further red tape and stricter legal requirements.

At an event in Munich on July 26, 2016, Bertram Brossardt, the vbw’s Chief Executive Officer, criticised the plans of the German Federal Government and the European Union to enforce the mandatory disclosure of companies’ sustainability performance.

He warned that excessive red tape would turn CSR into a box-ticking exercise and do lasting damage to the voluntary commitment of Bavarian companies.

The testimonials on the platform Wirtschaft weiß-blau show that in Bavaria CSR is driven by conviction and outstanding commitment.