16. February 2016

Political exchanges in Brussels and Berlin

bayme vbm vbw members benefit from the opportunities for exchange and networking with important decision-makers and influencers from business, politics, academia, media and society. Two high-profile events kicked off the year 2016 - a political discussion in Brussels and the long-established New Year’s concert in Berlin. Both events gave impulses for dealing with challenges that lie ahead and sought to further political dialogue within Bavaria, Germany and the EU.

Political talks in Brussels

Each year, the vbw invites representatives from the Bavarian political and business community to initiate the year with a political dialogue in the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Brussels. At this years’ traditional “Weisswurst”-breakfast on January 13th 2016, one prominent theme was the work program of the new Dutch presidency of the Council of the EU. Participants discussed the current refugee crisis in Europe, austerity and reform measures, the need to strengthen the competitiveness of the European market as well as the development of an ambitious digital agenda.

New Year’s concert in Berlin

Since 2011, the vbw is the main sponsor of the annual New Year’s concert of the Bavarian government. Every January, representatives from vbw member companies and vbw members of U.S. subsidiaries in Bavaria come together with government officials, Members of Parliament, and central associations to enjoy classical music, good conversations and political exchange. The event enables dialogue between politics and business, as well as between the Federal politics of Berlin and the state politics of Bavaria. At this years’ reception on January 26th, 200 guests got to experience the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra playing pieces by Johann Strauß, Henri Dutilleux and Richard Strauss under the direction of head conductor Jonathan Nott.


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