January 15, 2016


Through our ServiceCenters, we at bayme vbm provide you, our members, with support that is result-oriented and tailored to your requirements. Our focus is on you and your entrepreneurial goals. We offer our own know-how, connections to our partners and networks, and access to our projects and initiatives.

Legal Affairs ServiceCenter

German labor law is complex and can be opaque. Rather than diminishing bureaucratic hurdles for the labor market, new regulations are established constantly and the demands for human resources management increase. The bayme vbm Legal Affairs ServiceCenter keeps you updated on any changes and actively supports you in all legal areas, including:

  • employment contract design
  • codetermination
  • data protection
  • mobile working
  • flexible employment
  • individual labor law
  • social security law

In upcoming issues we will introduce you to our other ServiceCenters, our points of contact supporting you in word and deed.