September 19, 2017

Support for an effective digital transformation

Rapid technological advancement continues to transform supply chains, products and processes worldwide. The future of manufacturing is digital, calling for increased flexibility when it comes to digital process and work organization.

In order to turn the opportunities of digitalization into real added value, we provide our members with orientation and support by a triad of research, networking and services.

Our services close the gap between the opportunities digital transformation offers and the state this transformation is currently being realized within companies. We offer a wide variety of conferences and meetings where people come together to discuss and share their experiences. Our in-depth continuing education offers on digitalization and Industry 4.0 provide dedicated services to help our member companies throughout all levels - from experts to executives all attain the skills they need for the digital age.

In addition, our services include:

QuickCheck Digitalization 1 - Fit for digital transformation

Our QuickCheck Digitalization 1 helps you assess your company's current position when it comes to digitalization and provides you with valuable guidance regarding next possible steps.

QuickCheck Digitalization 2 - Fit for digital production

Our QuickCheck Digitalization 2 sheds light on the general conditions at your company as well as technology, organization and employee requirements to further adopt Industry 4.0 models.

Digital Transformation Platform

You can’t "buy" Industry 4.0. Each company needs to figure out how to most effectively realize the digital transformation of its own corporate processes. That’s why we offer services that can help. You want to take advantage of our custom consultation offers tailored to the needs of your business? Visit our new Digital TransformationPlatform hosted by our ServiceCenter “Digitalization”.


Josef Stakemeier

Leiter Strategischer Vertrieb

Josef Stakemeier