August 08, 2017

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel as a guest of vbw

On July 11, 2017, the 39th Bavarian Business Talk took place in Munich, featuring the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, Member of the German Bundestag (MdB). Speaking to almost 1500 representatives from politics, business, science, and administration, the German Chancellor took stock of the ending legislature period and highlighted the economic and socio-political challenges for the newly elected Bundestag to come.

Election program of the CDU / CSU

Dr. Angela Merkel was confident that there will be enough budget to fund social welfare for families, security investments, and residential construction under her possibly renewed chancellorship despite major tax reliefs. In addition, she was certain that there is a real chance for full employment by 2025, meaning that the unemployment rate is under three percent, – as promised in her election program.

vbw complimented Dr. Angela Merkel and stated demands on the coming German Government

At the beginning of the event, vbw President Alfred Gaffal complimented Dr. Angela Merkel: "In a world that has come unhinged, you stand for reliability. Germany is privileged to have you as a chancellor!" However, the vbw President also emphasized that the good economic situation did not just appear out of nowhere and recommended to create a more business-friendly environment. At the same time, he emphasized the need for tax reductions and a cap of 40 percent on the ancillary wage costs. He considered digitalization to be one of the major topics and referred to the recommendations for action by the Council on the Future of the Bavarian Industry.


Dr. Peter J. Thelen

Strategie und Politischer Dialog

Peter J. Thelen