March 29, 2017

GamifyConference 2017 – the evolution of communication

Hosted by vbw and Gamify now, GamifyCon 2017 dealt with gamification as a way for companies to motivate their employees by combining neuroscience, psychology and game-design-thinking. Several entrepreneurs used the opportunity to showcase their latest developments to the 250 participants of the conference. This year’s focus was on serious games in the field of finance and health.

It’s not just a game

The speakers at the event highlighted the practical advantage of games in different business areas and showed further potential for development. Practical examples were serious game applications in the fields of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s as well as computer games in pediatrics. vbw's CEO, Bertram Brossardt, emphasized the economic potential of games as well as their integral role in the process of digitalization. He noted though that operating figures like data on the market structure, the innovative capability and other economic indicators are still to be gathered in order to optimize market developments.

Interactive room with best practices

Core of the conference was an interactive room with practical examples of the latest game technologies. Based on current findings of motivation psychology and didactics, the exhibitors have developed ways to inspire customers, motivate employees and transfer knowledge by means of gamification.

The co-organizer of the conference, Gamify now UG, introduced new solutions for daily business in marketing, product management as well as further education. Aesir Interactive GmbH presented a tool for vehicle development that combines desktop usage with virtual reality. Several exhibitors focused on apps for children like Ploosh GmbH and App Media UG. The latter one, for example, showcased an app that enables kids to playfully learn to tell the time. „MoneyFit2“, another educational game demonstrated at the exhibition, helps its users to learn how to handle expenditures, savings, investments and other issues connected to money. „MoneyFit2“ is a cooperation of Gentle Troll Entertainment GmbH with LerNetz AG on behalf of Postfinance AG, Switzerland.


Dr. Peter J. Thelen

Strategie und Politischer Dialog

Peter J. Thelen