17. March 2016

GamifyConference 2016 - A short review

On February 23rd 2016, some 200 guests attended the GamifyConference 2016, hosted under the roof of the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw). The eventful afternoon featured presentations, discussions and an accompanying exhibition.

Integrating gamification and serious games into day-to-day business

The conference shed light on how businesses can implement gamification and serious games to enthuse customers, motivate staff, and impart knowledge. Bertram Brossardt, vbw Chief Executive Officer, made clear that the young phenomenon of serious games is gaining more and more relevance. Every day, 358 new games are created all over the world, yielding more than 10000 per month.

According to Brossardt, games present great economic potential: "Bavaria's games industry has 220 companies employing more than 2000 people, of which 64 percent are in Munich. Video games are a true growth sector. In 2014, the aggregate market for digital games in Germany amounted to some 2.7 billion Euros (3 billion US Dollars), representing a growth of eleven percent over the previous year. The games industry generates more revenue than Germany's top soccer league, the music industry, or the movie industry." Brossardt called upon the Bavarian State Government to consider a program to promote the use of serious games: "Bavaria is a top media location. We could set up our own field of expertise here."


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