March 16, 2016

Collective Bargaining ServiceCenter

The bayme vbm Collective Bargaining ServiceCenter provides information about the possibilities for creating standardized conditions of employment in Germany for your employees. Regardless of whether you have a collective bargaining agreement or not, the ServiceCenter helps you develop and implement consistent working conditions and keeps you updated on any changes. We are dedicated to supporting a wage policy that promotes Bavaria with foresight, while taking account of the volatility of sales markets and international competition. The right framework conditions need to be in place for the Bavarian metal and electric companies to be successful and competitive in international markets.

The bayme vbm ServiceCenters

Through our ServiceCenters, we at bayme vbm provide you, our members, with support that is result-oriented and tailored to your requirements. Our focus is on you and your entrepreneurial and strategic goals. We offer our own know-how, connections to our partners and networks, and access to our projects and initiatives.

In upcoming issues we will introduce you to further bayme vbm ServiceCenters, our points of contact supporting you in word and deed.


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