July 10, 2019

Brexit postponed until 31 October 2019: vbw calls for quick ratification within the extension period

On 10 April 2019, the European Council agreed to a further extension of the Brexit deadline until 31 October 2019 to allow for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement during that time. The European Council emphasized that the withdrawal agreement could take effect earlier if the parties ratify it before 31 October 2019. The UK will leave the EU on the first of the month following ratification, or 1 November 2019 at the latest.

Conditions for the extension

The main condition of the European Council for extending the Brexit deadline was that the UK participate in the European Parliament elections which was held on 23 May 2019. This condition was necessary to ensure the continued legal functioning of the European Union. During the extension period, the UK will retain the right to revoke the withdrawal process at any time. The UK will remain a member country with all rights and obligations until the date it leaves the EU. Pursuant to the principle of sincere cooperation, the UK must continue to participate in the realization of the European Union's duties and activities and refrain from any actions that could jeopardize the attainment of EU’s objectives, particularly when participating in decision-making processes. The mandate of British members of EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies will end as soon as the UK leaves the EU.

vbw: Businesses finally need legal certainty!!

vbw supports the renewed extension of the Brexit deadline. A hard Brexit would be the worst possible solution. The remaining time until 31 October 2019 must be used to either ratify the withdrawal agreement as quickly as possible or decide to remain in the EU. Businesses need to finally have legal and planning certainty.

Brexit hotline

Due to the chaotic domestic situation, it is unclear whether or not the UK will actually leave the European Union by 31 October 2019. The British Parliament has rejected the withdrawal agreement negotiated by the EU and the British government, which specified a transition period until 31 December 2020, three times. However, an alternative plan has yet to find a majority. A hard Brexit, which would mean leaving the EU without any transitional arrangements, is still possible.

The Brexit hotline provided by vbw bayme vbm to answer member companies’ questions about Brexit was launched on 15 March 2019. The hotline addresses

  • general questions on current Brexit developments,

  • customs issues,

  • cross-border personnel deployments (right to send workers across borders within the EU, right of residence),

  • employee data protection and

  • commercial and corporate law.

  • Brexit hotline provided by vbw bayme vbm

  • Tel: 0049 89-551 78-581

  • Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Tatjana Vargas


Tatjana Vargas