January 24, 2017

Bavarian achievements in refugee integration 2016

Bavarian achievements in refugee integration 2016 The integration of refugees is a task for society as a whole including the economy. This is why the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) and the Bavarian Employers’ Associations for the M+E Industries (bayme vbm) together with the Bavarian government and the Bavarian employment agency launched IdA, a program for integrating refugees into the German labor market. More than one after the inauguration, the outcome is quite positive:

Specific programs for individual needs and circumstances

With IdA BayernTurbo and IdA 1000 vbw and bayme vbm provide two comprehensive training programs for asylum seekers that are looking for permanent employment or an apprenticeship position. Both projects started off with an intensive German language training followed by a class on how to apply for a job in Germany. Practical training has been an essential part throughout these classes. In 2016, 106 courses with around 2300 asylum seekers have taken place. Some of which ended by November or December. So far, around 30 percent of the participants have found a permanent employment or apprenticeship position.

In addition, vbw and bayme vbm offer tests on different aspects of the refugees’ skills – IdA KoJack English, the M+E Berufseignungstest English and the IdA KompetenzCheck. The newly established website www.sprungbrett-intowork.de on the other hand provides companies with a platform for training announcements directed to refugees. By December 2016, more than 1000 internships have been posted on this website. At the same time, the program IdA Ausbilderqualifiaktion targets all on-site experts who are in charge of training refugees. The importance of intercultural skills is key. In 2016, about 500 employees participated in one of 48 workshops held on this topic.

Last but not least, the so-called IdA Navigatoren give advice on all kinds of questions concerning the employment of asylum seekers. In 2016, seven coaches provided advice to more than 1000 companies, kept in touch with over 1000 multipliers and participated in around 200 events.


Sebastian-Frederik Kühnel

Flüchtlingsintegration, IdA Projekte

Sebastian-Frederik Kühnel