14. April 2016

"Bavarian Business Talk" with Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister of Bavaria

On April 11 2016, the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) welcomed Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer at its well-established series of “Bavarian Business Talks” in Munich. Over 500 business representatives, politicians, scientists and decision-makers attended the event. The Prime Minister affirmed that discussions with the Bavarian business community provide valuable ideas to his government. He emphasized that economic development and growth must take centre-stage in the coming months, and he stressed the importance of decreasing red tape and regulations for businesses.

Seehofer underlined the high quality of living in Bavaria, but also warned not to become complacent. He said that Bavaria must play to its strengths, seize the opportunities of digitalization and protect value creation across Bavaria. He added that this requires improving the conditions for innovations and breaking down barriers between industries and technologies.

The Prime Minister’s visit marked the 37th episode of the ongoing series of “Bavarian Business Talks”. The vbw has been organizing these talks since 2000. They operate as a link between the association, politics and the public. In this way, the vbw enables its members to get in direct contact with high-level decision-makers and influencers from Bavaria, Germany and Europe to discuss current issues of interest. Previous guests include German Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, German Finance Minister Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, EU-Commissioner Karel De Gucht and the former Austrian Minister of Finance Karl-Heinz Grasser, among others.


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