15. June 2016

Bavarian Business Night 2016

Our future depends on a solid foundation for prosperity and growth – this was the motto of the ninth Bavarian Business Night, a reception hosted on June 13, 2016, by the Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) for the Bavarian state government.

In the impressive surroundings of the old brickyard Ziegelei 101 in Ismaning, the vbw’s President Alfred Gaffal welcomed 450 guests, including Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer and his cabinet as well as Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt and further senior politicians.

As Gaffal said in his welcoming address, Bavaria stands on a solid foundation thanks to the hard work of the Bavarian government and Bavarian companies. However, the risks to its economic stability are rising. Germany’s growth and prosperity are increasingly under threat from political risks, such as civil wars and terrorism, and from economic developments like low domestic investment and a loss of international competitiveness.

The vbw has laid out what Germany needs to do to strengthen its competitive position in its Agenda 2020. However, Gaffal pointed out that in the last years the German government has taken a number of harmful decisions, such as introducing a minimum wage and lowering the retirement age – with more detrimental measures such as a law on equal pay and tax-financed higher pensions yet to come.

In contrast, Gaffal praised Prime Minister Seehofer for taking a stand against misguided decisions by the Federal Government, in particular concerning the regulation of temporary employment and work contracts as well as inheritance tax reform.

Gaffal highlighted further issues that are central to Bavaria’s future, including infrastructure, energy prices and the integration of refugees and asylum seekers. Yet, he also stressed that all these issues should not block our view of the main challenge ahead for Bavarian companies: digitalization.

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