20. November 2015

Bavaria as industry location: An international comparison

As an industry location, Bavaria ranks highly in international comparison. Over a quarter of the total economic added value is derived from the manufacturing sector. Accordingly, Bavaria has the fourth highest share of industry in the world. While a large number of highly developed national economies have been undergoing a process of deindustrialization, the industry sector in Bavaria has been growing incrementally. This success is largely attributable to the high performance of our businesses as well as the quality of Bavaria as a location.

Bavaria - one of the most attractive locations for industry

In a study conducted by IW Consult GmbH on behalf of The Bavarian Industry Association (vbw) Bavaria came in second out of 45 industrial enterprises. The study identified six aspects that inform the investment decisions of industrial businesses: state, infrastructure, knowledge, resources, costs, market. Bavaria ranked within the top ten in five out of the six categories. The USA came in an overall seventh place with particularly high scores in the areas infrastructure and knowledge.

In upcoming issues we will provide details about Bavaria’s standing in each of the six categories.


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