September 04, 2020

The Amerikahaus in Munich reopens after a 4-year complete renovation

The Amerikahaus on Munich’s Karolinplatz reopened on 29 June after a complete renovation lasting more than 4 years. In place of the originally planned large reopening event, there was a ceremony for a very small group of people. The Governor of Bavaria, Dr. Markus Söder, the charge d’affaire of the United States Embassy in Berlin, Robin S. Quinville, and the CEO of the Stifftung Bayerisches Amerikahaus, Dr. Zwingenberger were part of the small group of people present at the ceremony. Also present was Ambassador Dr. Wolfang Ischinger, the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, which would have its administrative offices on the third floor of the building. Amerikahaus opened its doors to the general public on 5 July 2020. In his speech, Dr. Söder emphasized the strong German-American relations: „The Bavarian-American relationship is an emotional one”. He referred to the economic aspects: About 1500 American companies and businesses are doing business in the Bavaria. There are numerous scientific cooperation between Bavaria and the United States; for example, 300 university partnerships exist between universities on both sides of the Atlantic” The Governor emphasized the special values that Bavaria and the United States share and stated that “today could contribute to more togetherness” Ms. Quinville from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin stated that „ we are excited for the reopening of Amerikahaus, that today is just as important as it was 75 years ago when Amerikahau first opened its doors”.

Transatlantic platform with a diverse program

The CEO Dr. Zwingenberger emphasized that Amerikahaus will continue its tradition of being a place of intercultural dialogue. “We need to strengthen the cooperation with research institutions in North America”. Together with the Amerika-Akademie, which is a part of Amerikahaus, “we should support and promote research and support the interaction between research, culture, society and the economy”.

We would also be able to hold concerts and plays here at Amerikahaus as soon as the corona-induced break is over.

An institution for transatlantic relations

Amerikahaus means a lot for the German-American relations. The institution was founded by the American government a year after the end of the second world war. It initially served to help Germany towards its way to a democracy. It quickly developed into one of the most important institutions in the newly reconstituted cultural life of Munich.

In 1957 Amerikahaus opened on Karolinenplatz.

Amerikahaus has been financed since 1977 by the free State of Bavaria.

Cooperation with the vbw

The cooperation between Amerikahause and the vbw- Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e.V. affords the vbw the opportunity to tackle economic policy issues from a different angle, such as a discussion about free trade and social market economy in the transatlantic context. Depending on the event, the vbw could address a wider section of the society or specific audiences ranging from the research community, politics, the economy to educators.

Previous joint events between the vbw and Amerikahaus have focused on transatlantic trade and economic relations. Going forward the vbw echos the words of Dr. Zwingenberger: „ as a result of the renovation, we have more opportunities to put on events with different and additional formats and we will be availing ourselves of these opportunities”.


Janina Steinle