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Politischer Dialog Brüssel

Safety First for Automated Driving

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On 4 December 2019, experts from the transport industry discussed the challenges and opportunities of automated and autonomous driving at a Political Dialogue Safety First for Automated Driving. The event was organized by vbw - Bavarian Industry Association and took place in the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU.

Framework developed by eleven companies

In order to offer solutions to the upcoming regulatory and legal challenges, eleven leading companies in the mobility and automotive industries have joined forces and developed a framework for safety in automated driving systems: Safety First for Automated Driving. This white paper was discussed in detail at the event.

Innovation-friendly legal framework required

Christine Völzow, Managing Director and Head of the Economic Policy Department at vbw, stressed the need to create appropriate legal basis for safe, automated and autonomous driving. The topic is of central importance for Bavaria, Germany, and the entire European Union. The starting position is basically good, but some challenges still must be mastered, for example, regarding the definition of approval requirements and test procedures for the use of learning systems. The white paper represents an excellent basis for a future security architecture on which to build. Barbara Schretter, Director of the Bavarian Representation, had already emphasized the commitment of the Free State of Bavaria to the Automotive Industry and Artificial Intelligence.

Simon Fürst, main expert for Autonomous Drive Technologies at BMW, explained in his presentation the main contents, objectives and further procedure regarding to the white paper. The overall view of the automated system and the open, cooperative approach in the development of new standards are particularly important.

Antony Lagrange, Team Leader for Vehicle Compliance, Safety and Automation at DG Grow, European Commission, confirmed in his statement that the paper came at the right time At the subsequent panel discussion Ondřej Kovařík MEP pointed out the importance of open technology. The role of the Commission is to create an appropriate framework that enables companies to innovate. The representatives of the European Institutions agreed that the aim is to create the necessary conditions for market introduction. It does not make sense to develop a detailed and possibly too tight regulation before the corresponding products existed.

In principle, this also corresponded to the view of the company representatives, who require a smart and flexible framework. At the same time, every vehicle in Europe must ultimately offer the same level of safety. Autonomous driving (Level 5) and the associated requirements were discussed as well as the important role of high-resolution card data. Michael O'Brien, Chief Engineer of highly Automated Driving at HERE Technologies, and Pierre-Olivier Millette, Deputy Director of Automated Driving EMEA at Intel Corporation, made clear that this is not "Science Fiction", but the prerequisite for acceptance by the population is most importantly security and confidence in the technology, which must be guaranteed at the next levels. The white paper initially addresses levels 3 and 4, as Thomas Wiltschko, Team Leader System Safety for Automated Driving at Daimler AG, emphasized.

The large audience took an active part in the discussion and brought in additional aspects, such as questions concerning liability and different behavioral requirements in member states of the EU.

In summary, Christine Völzow stressed that this good preparatory work must now be built up, also by the legislator. She recommended Bavaria as a European and international Hub for safety in automated driving. The Bavarian Industry Association would be happy to support.


Safety First for Automated Driving
on 04.12.2019 in Brüssel

Safety First For Automated Driving – Vortrag BMW
Safety First For Automated Driving – White Book

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